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About Us

Our vision is to be a brand that provides quality clothing that meet local demands while also competing favourably with foreign fashion brands. We create clothes that combine simplicity with elegance, all within a practical/realistic budget.

Ruth Olawoyin

Founder and Lead Designer

Our Advantage

What Makes Us Different


Glocal Brand

Our production process reflects global standards while integrating local considerations; thus making us a glocal brand. Our quality outfits satisfy local demands and compete favourably with global fashion brands.



Our reputation for delivering neatly sewn and well tailored garments on time and on budget has continued to win us loyal customers.

Fashion Entrepreneurship

We have a well-structured training system designed to empower young people and mentor them in establishing and building their own businesses.

What We Make

Bespoke & Ready to Wear

We understand the art and science of satisfying your clothing needs with carefully chosen fabrics for special occasions and everyday use.

Kids Clothing

Do you need custom made outfits for your little star? Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Fashion Accessories

Talk to us for handmade neckties, pocket squares, bags, ankara jewelries and other fashion accessories.


Our products include custom-made outfits for ladies and kids, ready-to-wear apparels, uniforms for schools and organizations, fashion accessories such as neck ties, scarfs, lapel pins and boutonnieres, belts, hand bags, etc.

Our Blog

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Want to look good? Watch out for these style details

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