Looking good is not just about putting on a great outfit. More importantly you need to pay attention to the details. Be mindful of these tips when you’re dressing for your next occasion and you’ll surely stand out in the best way possible!

Have matching colours

When it comes to wearing leathers — be it shoes, belts, or briefcases, be sure to match the colors. It will pull your entire look together.

Watch your tie bar

Your tie bar should be placed between your third and fourth shirt button. Not too high, and not too low. It’s an subtle accessory but you still want it to be seen!

Show off a little

If you like to “show a shirt” (which tailors usually recommend that you do), your dress shirt should pop out 1/2” from under your jacket sleeve.

Lapel width

The width of your suit lapel should match the same width as your tie-tailors can recommend which width best suits your frame.

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