Pattern drafting can be quite overwhelming for a beginner especially when you don’t even know where to start. If you have ever felt this way, don’t worry about getting it right just yet; what’s really important is to actually get started! Just as it with learning any other skill, perfection does not come at once, it comes with consistent practice over time.

From learning how to make a dress pattern to drafting necklines, these tips will help you get started. With a little help and some expert tricks, you’ll be on your way to designing pieces you thought you could only dream of!


Just like cooking, it’s hard to do the right job without the right tool. Think about your blender: It’s hard to blend anything without a blender, right? Some tools can be substituted with a similar item, but many tools have a singular and important task that only it alone can achieve. Same goes with patternmaking. There are many tools that will make your life easier so it’s worth while to invest in some quality items to help yourself out. Pictured above are some of the key tools to buy for patternmaking. From left to right, are some of my favorites: 1- clear ruler, 2- small 5″ scissors, 3- rotary cutter, 4- a seam allowance marker, 5- a mechanical pencil, and 6- a French curve. All of these are critical in patternmaking. In addition to these, I would suggest getting some pattern paper and some manila oak tag paper so you can draft directly onto the paper, then transfer it to manila oak tag paper when it’s finalized.

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